About Our Owner

Angie Wilson is our owner and a Master Stylist. She has worked with our salon for over 20 years, and became its owner in 2010. 

Angie has been a leader in the Beauty Industry since 1997, winning regional VICA competitions, winning state, and going on to compete in the National Competition as an 18 year old, newly licensed cosmetologist. While in school, she started working for the salon and a receptionist and salon assistant. She worked under the finest salon owners staff in our area, which prepared her for the years to come.

In 2014, she changed locations in order to expand our hair salon into a salon & spa.  At our new location on Main Street, she was able to add a massage therapist and an esthetician.  In 2015, with the expansion of the salon, she won the Washington County Buisiness Challege. Also the same year, she was featured in the local BVU Business Spotlight. 

In 2016, Angie was inducted in The Smyth Career & Tech Center Hall of Fame, for her accomplishments in her industry as well as being an active part in her community. 

As a board member of The Abingdon Main Street Board, she was able to serve for many local events and fundraisers that helped our comminuty in various ways. She has also served and lead within local & regional ministry since 1996. 

As a speaker, she has focused her topics on growing women both spiritually and physically. As a mother of daughters, she discovered the need for both to addressed within our culture. Being beautiful on the inside is far greater than any beauty that can be achieved on the outside. Angie Wilson, owner